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Project Description
Windows CE Board Support Package and demo image for Gumstix Overo series.
Based on the TI OMAP 35xx ARM processor.

Demo images available for download and evaluation.

Both CE 6 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 versions are available.

See the videos!

For engineering services contact me through my Codeplex account.
Full BSP source code available.
Note: The demo image is some what dated and does not reflect the latest state of the BSP. Improvements to the BSP are on going.

How is this BSP different? While Adeneo claims support for Gumstix Overo their BSPs are “starter” BSP’s and do not contain the full complement of drivers. They do not have support for things like Wifi, Bluetooth, accelerometer, persistent registry etc. and are usually directed at only one hardware configuration. My BSP contains all the drivers and supports most, if not all, carrier boards, COM modules and hardware configurations.

latest updates: Now with support for xxxStorm series (AM37xx)!
USB camera and battery drivers.
Wifi and Bluetooth now fully functional under both CE 6 and WEC 7 using native supplicant.
Full BSP now supports 1Gb Flash modules (demo images are dated and may not)

For BeagleBoard see the sister site


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